Casey Weldon Clothes Women in Mouse & Butterfly Patterns

 - May 4, 2012
References: caseyweldon & juxtapoz
Most women would cower at the thought of being covered in mice, but that’s exactly what artist Casey Weldon does to his subjects. To up the ante, the females in these paintings are actually nude while being covered by the vermin, but at least it’s only pastel-colored silhouettes of the rodents layered beautifully in clothing-like patterns rather than the real thing. And one lucky lady got to be shrouded in butterflies instead for the series, so it’s not all that bad.

Casey Weldon renders the females in this collection stylishly while retaining elements of realism. This is contrasted by the animal prints, which are illustrated minimalistically and almost don’t belong in these paintings. The fact that Weldon makes the two things work and work well is a testament to the Brooklyn-based artist’s talent.