Casa ED&JO has a Curvilinear Roof

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: dezeen
Bungalows offer many benefits, but height is their obvious detraction; Casa ED&JO, a new home designed by architecture studio NOARQ, manages to upend that point with a creative and illusory design concept. The home features a curved, swooping roof that gently reaches upward, giving a sense of vertical expansion despite the home's single storey.

Casa ED&JO was built for a single family in Vila Nova de Famalicao, a small town to the north of Porto. The home certainly isn't small, with a basement area that can be accessed from the ground level if entering from the rear of the home. However, the ascending roof design helps to add a sense of height and grandeur to the front of the home, which was seen as important considering the appearances of the other buildings in the well-heeled neighborhood.

Image Credit: João Morgado