Cindy Chinn Depicts Detailed Scenes of Animals in Her Wooden Sculptures

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: cindychinn & mymodernmet
Cindy Chinn is a detailed artist that works with small mediums to recreate scenes of animals in the wild using nothing more than a carved pencil. The sculptures depict the wood of the pencil entirely etched away and the lead located in the centre transformed into scenes such as animals in the safari. The detail is incredibly precise, despite the small scale that Chinn is working from.

Chinn is able to achieve such realism and detail in her carvings by using Exacto blades that are incredibly thin and sharp. This allows the artist to achieve carvings that are small than a quarter of an inch and take hours to make. This one in particular features a herd of three dimensional elephants crossing a plain with several trees in the background.