Cartoon by Fuze Image Maker Depicts A Peculiar Family

 - Aug 20, 2013
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With the popularity of animate films continuing to hold strong not only amongst their targeted demographic, but adults as well, it is no surprise that series like Cartoon by Fuze Image Maker, a creative studio based in Curitiba, Brazil, strikes a cord with people. Although it only revolves around character design and not an actual story, it offers people a glimpse of the process behind such creations.

In this case, Cartoon by Fuze Image Maker revolves around three characters: an older moustached man, a young blond girl and a younger hatted boy. Together, the three of them could easily be construed as a family, especially since they all share the same big round head and long necks. Yet it is this peculiarity that makes such character designs so much fun and precious.