Carsten Höller Completes the Vitra Slide Tower in Germany

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: vitra & designboom
Carsten Höller is known primarily as a furniture company, but the team has moved into a new arena of installations with the Vitra Slide Tower in Germany.

The design rises from the ground on the Vitra Campus, standing as a tower as well as a slide and even a clock of sorts. "Mounted on the poles’ points, the timepiece measures 6-metres in diameter and is visible from a distance, illuminated by night, but is void of any numbers," according to DesignBoom. Every so often the logo for Vitra will also be shown, allowing for a bit of branding for the campus. The most fun part of this design is the slide coming down from the top of the tower, which will surely attract some adventurous students in the area at night. Photo Credits: designboom, vitra