The 'Carpet Top' by Future Sentiments is Far from Flat

The 'Carpet Top' by Future Sentiments blends the everyday image of a Persian rug into a seriously chic tee.

Created using super-soft brushed cotton, the carpet-inspired tee is unisex, which makes it perfect for the ladies who love oversized tops and guys who prefer a more indistinct cut for their clothes. In fact, the design is so bohemian-inspired that it can even be worn as a dress by the ladies.

The printed shirt features an intricate attention to detail that will have on-lookers guessing whether or not the top was a DIY project involving a rug and some skilled hands. If you're looking to really grab some attention, the design also comes in a limited-edition silver style that takes things to the next level, so make sure you're ready for attention before slipping into one.