Carlos Cruz Diez Chromosaturation is a Color Experience

 - Nov 29, 2012
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Full of incredibly vibrant hues, the Carlos Cruz Diez Chromosaturation installation is breathtakingly beautiful.

As you walk through the maze of walls, you'll notice the walls are aglow with stunning shades of pink, purple, blue, orange and green in shades ranging from bright to neon. The hues on a single surface blend into each other almost seamlessly, drawing your eye from one side to the next, while every surface has a completely different array of tones, making the walls pop out from their surroundings. The colors are enhanced using bright lights so that they do not dull with the passing of time, and they continue from floor to ceiling, creating a fully immersible experience.

The Carlos Cruz Diez Chromosaturation installation is a prismatic work of art that enchants you with its vibrancy.