Caramel by Yasmin Muller are Modernly Geometric

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: cruisecallas & mariastenfors
Caramel by Yasmin Muller, an artist living and working Berlin, Germany, is a series of modern sculptures that happen to look like a collection of furniture. Of course, some of the pieces are hardly capable of human interaction such as a bed-less daybed and an even more abstract zig-zagging piece. Even those that do look like furniture are too eye-catching to want to turn one's back to it, let alone sit on it.

Currently on display at the Cruise & Callas gallery in Berlin, Caramel by Yasmin Muller is comprised of five black objects made out of metal. "Confronting the viewer with a cold aesthetic and repelling strength," as Design Milk puts it, they have a 90s vibe about them.