This Sculpture Creates the Look of a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: & thisiscolossal
Artist and sculptor Shannon Goff has created this striking cardboard car sculpture that mimics the look of a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V down to the last detail.

'Miles to Empty' was inspired both from Goff's upbringing in Detroit as well as her grandfather's old Lincoln car. The car sculpture acts as memorial both to Goff's grandfather's legacy, and also to her hometown's once proud history of car obsession and industry.

Made from stark white cardboard material, this automobile sculpture takes on an almost ghostly appearance at first glance. Even the interior of the car has been painstakingly recreated down the last detail including the various meters on the dashboard. With this life-sized recreation, Goff has created a faithful homage to not only her grandfather's Lincoln, but also what the vehicle stood for in relation to American industry.