The 'Worldview Mirror' Helps to Optimize Driving Visibility

 - May 29, 2015
References: facebook & kickstarter
An exciting new line of safety-enhancing car mirrors has just become available on Kickstarter. Specially engineered to eliminate blind spots and optimize driver visibility, the 'Worldview Mirror' is a welcome innovation in automotive safety.

The WorldView Mirror features a specially designed one-inch arch for maximizing peripheral vision and a two-point attachment system that is easy to interchange between cars. Compatible with all vehicle types, the unobtrusive Worldview Mirror stretches 46 inches across the car windshield to show drivers what is going on around them. The specially designed car mirrors also help to monitor the inside of your car as well, meaning you can easily check on your passengers without taking your eyes off of the road.

Approximately 300 people lose their lives annually because drivers are unaware of their surroundings. The WorldView Mirror is a simple and elegant way of improving vehicle safety by expanding the driver's field of view and giving them a greater scope of their surroundings.