The Uber Beacon Shines the Shade Chosen by the Rider

 - Dec 16, 2016
References: newsroom.uber & newatlas
It's sometimes a guessing game when you're trying to figure out which vehicle is there to pick you up, so the Uber Beacon is a new car light designed to help eliminate this occurrence. Designed in a similar fashion to the Lyft Amp light, the Uber Beacon enables riders to choose virtually any color they can think of to be illuminated through the windshield of their ride.

The Uber Beacon is battery-powered and allows riders to choose the color that it will be when they are placing their request for a car. The Uber Beacon will glow this color upon arriving at the desired pickup location to enable riders to instantly know who's there for them.

The Uber Beacon car light can also be used for marketing purposes to display holiday colors (such as for Christmas, St. Patricks Day or gay pride celebrations) through the brand's driver vehicles.