Ambi Pur Releases a Series of Ads for Its Car Air Fresheners

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
Ambi Pur recently released this print ad series to promote its car air fresheners that finds drivers and passengers standing on the outside of their cars to avoid the bad smell.

With so much traffic going through our cars these days, bad odours can be a constant threat. Whether you’ve left an old fast food container in the back seat or you’ve got your gym clothes stinking up the trunk, it’s important to keep the air fresh and clean, but how? Ambi Pur wants to be the answer.

"Don’t let bad smell take over your car," is the tag line for this car air fresheners ad. There are varieties of pictures in this ad series: Family’s Picnic, Just Married and Mr. Ceo.