Can't Have It, Stick It

 - Mar 13, 2008
References: canthaveitstickit & thisnext
In our material world, surely there are a lot of things you wish you had, but can't afford, or perhaps don't have room for in your home. To solve that problem, there's the *can't have it? stick it* decals, a collection of stickers for your wall that resemble luxury goods, large pieces of furniture and even pets.

The black and white decals are life size, albeit flat so they won't take up any space.

These are the perfect replacement for high maintenance living products too. If your landlord won't let you have any animals, why not get a sticker of a French Bulldog, budgie or goldfish bowl? Is your apartment too dry, not get enough sun or are you just too plain lazy to water your plants? Stick 'em on instead!