The Cans Film Festival

 - May 1, 2008
References: thecansfestival
If you've got wicked graffiti skills, you know the real fun comes from showing off your art. Since scrawling on public buildings is generally considered vandalism, it makes it difficult to select an appropriate canvas. That's where the Cans Film Festival comes in.

Instead of prohibiting street artists from pursuing their passion, this London-based event was created to offer a free canvas to do all the tagging, sketching and spraying they want. The only rules are that they must use stencils (no freehand) and they can't go over other people's art.

To spice it up even more, no one will know where the secret location is until May 3, the day of the event. Smart on the organizer's part, both to preserve the white space and to build anticipation!

As you can see, we love graffiti at Trend Hunter...