Squish Candies' Cakes are Made from an Assortment of Sweets

 - Sep 5, 2015
References: squishcandies
Those with a taste for all things sweet will be able to happily sink their teeth into one of these candy cakes from Squish Candies. Rather than being made from a batter that is baked, this cake is made from an assortment of candies that have been arranged to resemble a small confection.

The cakes come in themes like 'Love' and 'Birthday' and are made with a variety of ingredients like marshmallows, gummies and candy hearts. Since the candy cakes have such vivid color, it's astounding to note that the individual candies are made without any artificial colors.

Now that the gluten-free baking movement has really taken off, these novel candy-based cakes are a clever way to avoid consuming gluten.