Michael Wolf Takes Candid Pictures of People

 - Feb 17, 2013
References: photomichaelwolf & ufunk.net
These candid pictures by Michael Wolf have certainly stirred up some controversy. The intrusive nature of these photos raises questions of morality and ethics, and he certainly pushes the limits as far as what is socially acceptable.

Although the candid pictures may be unethical it is hard to look away. They give a natural look into life in urban buildings, specifically Hong Kong. He captures everyday people doing everyday things and yet these banal events are captivating.

Humans are fascinated with people watching. We like to observe and understand each other. We’re social beings and that can be used to understand why these images are so interesting.

It would be interesting to know what sort of reception these images would get if they were taken in North America. I certainly wouldn’t want an image of myself in underwear eating a bowl of cereal at night.