This Beloved Canadian Dish Features an Unexpected Twist

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: badmaashla & munchies.vice
Indian gastropub 'Badmaash' recently unveiled its own version of a classic Canadian dish. Although poutine has been reimagined in many different ways, some of the best interpretations contain ingredients from other cultures. This decadent poutine features an unexpected Indian twist.

The Chicken Tikka Poutine features crispy masala fries doused in brown gravy and topped with a generous helping of chicken tikka. The cross-cultural dish is inspired by chicken tikka masala, which is actually an English interpretation of Indian cooking. The addition of Indian ingredients gives the poutine a spicy and savory element. The end result is a delicious take on a beloved Canadian dish.

For those who appreciate fusion cuisine, the chicken Chicken Tikka Poutine provides a taste of Indian, Anglo and French Canadian culture all in one delicious dish.