Parastou Forouhar Covers Rooms with Enchanting Calligraphy Wall Art

Spreading her love of the fine penmanship of Farsi calligraphy, artist Parastou Forouhar decorates the interiors of rooms with her delicate calligraphy wall art in an ongoing project entitled 'Written Room.'

As an immigrant from the Middle East, Forouhar redefines blank spaces by injecting them with an element from her cultural identity. Both beautifying the stark white interiors and enhancing them with a mystifying language, the artist explains her work and the stunning calligraphic writing by stating, "in defying attempts by Western visitors to assign it meaning, the script remains locked into its irreducible pictorial graphicness and indissoluble representation."

It is not her intention for Westerners to understand her Farsi calligraphy wall art, rather she allows it to become ornamental and decorative.