The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat Rumbles to Warn Drivers of Crash Risks

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: & gizmag
The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat uses directional vibrations to warn drivers of impending collision hazards.

As one of the luxury car's updated safety features, the driver's seat will pulse either on the left or the right side, depending on where the danger is. If the collision risk is on the left or right of the car then that side of the seat would rumble, respectively. Problems in the front or rear of the vehicle would set off vibrations on both sides of the seat simultaneously.

The vibrations will act as a reminder to drivers that they may be veering out of their lane, or that they are getting too close to another car while parking.

The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat was added to the luxury coupe's lineup for those who may not hear the traditional beeping that used to warn of collision risks, or for those that find the beeping annoying.