Cabbit Critiques the Reckless Living of Humans Through a Cat’s

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: cabbit-film & visualnews
Cabbit is a stylish animal in a trench coat and a hat who is highly wary of the way humans live their lives. He is chiefly unaware of their existence, however, the intrusion of humans in his living space through factorization and reckless transportation alarms him of the chaos he predicts will come.

The short film by Montana-based artist Soogie, produced by John Kassab and Greg Sugano of PROSPEKT, is a surreal, humorous and artistic commentary on the irresponsible and oblivious interaction humans have with the environment that surrounds them. The short film’s commentary is very clever and direct. They have a great line that describes humans as "a breed who call us pets" and goes on to mention the remorseless truth. "These strange beings are enslaved by power." Cabbit is a four-year-long production that is so worth the peek.