The Buzzy Mini Dulls the Pain at CES 2014

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: buzzy4shots & ces.cnet
Very few people can claim to actually enjoy needles; if you don't hate them outright you're probably just grinning and bearing the pain, but fortunately the Buzzy Mini aims to change all that.

The Buzzy Mini is available in three different designs, plain black for adults and a bee and lady bug for kids. The way Buzzy works is by using a combination of cold and vibration "to distract your body and brain from the injection site." Incredibly enough the Buzzy Mini not only works for dulling/eliminating pain from needles, but users have been reported to use it as a means to temper the discomfort from conditions like eczema and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Buzzy Mini is perfect for kids and the many adults who suffer from serious needle phobias.