Andreas Preis's Butterfly Art Carries Encouraging Messages

 - Jun 8, 2014
References: designerpreis & designtaxi
A Berlin-based artist Andreas Preis created an extremely extensive series of butterfly art that consists of over 1,000 handcrafted butterflies. He places them in specific locations around Berlin and other German cities to aide in creating more positive outlooks.

The series, aptly titled 'The Butterfly Effect,' consists entirely of single-handedly drawn, printed and cut butterflies. Preis adds personalized messages on them, such as "Stay weird," "Life's a gift, not a f*ckin' mission," and "You're lovely." He places them on park benches and street light posts, in clubs, restaurants and exhibitions and anywhere else he can think of.

He places them with the purpose of spreading joy and putting smiles on people's faces. The boastful butterflies are also hard to miss, as they are vibrant and hyperreal.