The Business Baby Meme Will Have Diapers in Knots

 - Feb 23, 2014
References: reddit & happyplace.someecards
The Business Baby meme is taking the Internet by storm and for good reason, it is ruthlessly adorable. A father posted the original photo on his Facebook page with the caption, "Look, tell Clyde he's a dumbass... and then fire him," and a friend of the family couldn't resist posting it on Reddit. Since then, a flood of other interpretations has come out of the woodwork for an endless amount of entertainment.

Striking deal after deal while keeping his employees in place, the Business Baby meme starts his day with breakfast and a lesson in cutthroat calls. And as Happy Place puts it, "If you insist on having the right to pollute our Facebook pages with your pudgy-faced progeny, everyone else reserves the right to turn them into hilarious memes which may or may not affect their self-esteem some day."