These Burjuman Shopping Mall Promotions are Fabulous and Whimsical

 - May 8, 2012
References: mohanadrbonmade &
Dubai-based Art Director and Associate Creative Director Mohanad Shuraideh recently posted three Burjuman Shopping Mall promotions that are sure to capture attention with their pop art-reminiscent, 50s-inspired aesthetic. Still, the promotions are not only intended for Warhol fans and the housewives of yesteryear; they are meant to appeal to a certain type of shopper.

The Burjuman describes itself as a "better class of shopping" on its website. With such a proclamation of superiority and distinction, it's essential for it to advertise in a distinguished, of high-quality way. Luckily, Shuraideh was available to apply his keen eye and savvy artistic sense to Burjuman's promotional needs.

The ads step outside the usual bounds of retro-inspired advertising as they incorporate whimsical elements like circus canons and catapults. In this way, Shuraideh sets the ads apart from most 50s-themed looks.