Bureau Spectacular Makes Use of All Interior Surfaces

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: architizer & notcot.org
If you think about it, you've got four walls ant a ceiling that surround you indoors, yet the majority of interaction occurs with the floor below you. Bureau Spectacular is an experiment in making all such surfaces both useful, and unique.

Jimenez Lai and fellow designers created this open-ended cube on an axis, which rotates 360 degrees each hour, like clockwork. What this means, is that not only will each plane become a sort of "floor" at some point in ever 60 minutes, but that the majority of the time, no surface will be either vertically or horizontally level.

The opportunity this allowed for the 'Phalanstery Module' was to build in an unusual assortment of fixed furnishings. Depending on the arbitrary angle of the Bureau Spectacular, the inhabitants are afforded a number of possible surfaced on which to rest.