These Buoy Brushes Bobble Up and Down Within Your Dish of Water

 - May 13, 2013
References: & yankodesign
An artist will often work with many different types and sizes of paintbrushes on any given painting, generally ensuring that each one is thoroughly rinsed after use in order to take good care. These Buoy Brushes aid the creative in maintaining his precious tools with a clever and convenient design.

Weijie Kong submitted this concept to the 2013 iF Design Awards. What you'll observe is a fairly normal-looking set of bristled implements, except that the lower neck of each one is noticeably bulbous in form. The utensils have been weighted towards the tip and enhanced with this buoyant element that enables them to stand upright, passively bobbling within your solvent cup. Remaining here, the Buoy Brushes can continue to rinse by allowing the pigments to loosen, and you don't have to line dirty brushes out along your work surface.