Conveniently Transport Large Loads on the Bullit Cargo-Bike

 - Sep 18, 2009
References: larryvsharry & gizmag
The formidable Danish duo Larry vs. Harry has brought new convenience to the transportation of "stuff." The Bullitt Cargo-Bike is a carefully and creatively designed bicycle that allows you to keep watch of your heavy load while carting around to wherever it needs to go.

The Bullitt Cargo-Bike is well made with aluminum tubing, top quality gears, hydraulic braking, puncture-proof tires to ensure your safety and that of your precious cargo.

The bike does feature a pretty interesting but image friendly design (for its purpose). It’s as though they took a regular bike and mashed it with one of those airport luggage carts. I’d be down to cruise from the airport on one of these Bullitt Cargo-Bikes!