The Bug-E is Perfect for Public Parks or Golf Courses

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: coroflot & gizmag
Sheffield, England native Thomas Young's Bug-E vehicle concept could prove to be one of the most unconventional but intriguing concept vehicles on the market.

The multi-purpose Bug-E tops out at a less than impressive 15 MPH, but this is not a traditional concept vehicle. The Bug-E concept is a four-wheel specialty vehicle directed at people on golf courses, public parks and theme parks. The Bug-E's versatility doesn't just end at its ability to travel through diverse terrain, it is also an integral part of the vehicle's physical make-up. The Bug-E features a sliding steering wheel that can be used to drive the vehicle from the right or left side, allowing users to share the direction responsibilities without having to switch seats.

The Bug-E is still very much in the developmental stage, but designer Thomas Young is hopeful. He is taking the Bug-E concept to the New Designers show in London, England between July 6th and 9th.

Implications - Any company seeking to garner additional favorable and lengthy press coverage would be wise to invest in concept product innovation. Even if the company only plans on releasing the product as a publicity stunt or experiment, showing the public and the media that your company has been developing products that buck convention shows an alluring chutzpah. The concept product embeds the image of the company as an innovator in the minds of consumers, and serves as a valuable gateway for consumers to the company's other products.