Bucharest Apartment Arresting In White

 - Oct 13, 2007   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: quickonlinetips
This three room apartment in Bucharest was designed by A.A. Studios for a minimalist impact. Taking it's inspiration from 1960-70 it is strongly influenced by white. White was chosen, with its shades, on a variety of textures and shapes to create depth and heighth and add abstract and luxury to the apartment and add to the simplicity of design.
The designer and architect played with lighting combinations and surfaces to create exciting interior spaces.

Implications - Minimalist design -- in every field; architecture, fashion, ergonomics -- continues to grow in popularity and prevalence. Subtle color palettes, unassuming patterns and inconspicuous rhythms are all appreciated by customers who struggle to escape the modern cacophony of media exposure. Businesses that employ an understated design philosophy will paradoxically attract more customers who find gaudy, loud products unappealing.