This Bubble Wrap Typography Was Created by Injecting Colored Liquids

 - Jul 1, 2013
This bubble wrap typography is the perfect example of how anything and everything can be seen as a blank canvas. In this case, air-filled product wrapping was mounted on to a wall and injected with colorful fluids to create letters. Bubble wrap is evenly spaced out, making the perfect base for designs that have a pixel-like effect.

The project was an intricate one that involved the use of needles, filling each syringe with green and yellow-colored solutions. Because bubble wrap is easily poppable and not necessarily the most durable, the artists had to cautiously inject the fluids from the top of each bubble. In this way, the grid-like spread was filled in one by one to create a larger image. The fluid lettering project was done by UK-based WIRED Magazine and was featured in its magazine issues.