These Bryan Keith Lanier Paintings are Offbeat

Montreal-based, American artist Bryan Keith Lanier's paintings are interesting modern re-conceptions of classical sensibilities and themes.

Some of his paintings feature Greek-Roman statues adorned with masks and helmets. Others incorporate subtle nods to famous pieces while pursuing their own whimsical feel. One way to communicate Lanier's style is to say it's pop surrealism without the pop. In other words, whereas a usual pop surrealist piece portrays well-known tropes and characters from pop culture in surreal settings using more or less realist rendering techniques, Lanier uses tropes and characters from historical art. Classical surrealism may be too bold a pronouncement, but it does well to sketch out what this artwork is about.

In terms of pure aesthetics, the paintings are well composed, both in terms of color-composition and the arrangement of figures and objects within each frame.