Bruhl Designs Oddly Shaped and Cheerful Seating

 - Jan 6, 2010   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: bruehl
Bruhl is one furniture company focused on innovative design. Designed with today's "design avante-garde" crowd in mind, these pieces of furniture are not only innovative shapes, but also their materials are used in unique combinations.

The designs above are all created by Bruhl and seem to resemble something the modern-day Flintstones would have in their homes. Odd shapes topped off bright and cheery colors make Bruhl a winning brand.

Implications - The home is a great place to demonstrate individuality and creativity for many consumers. In the contemporary world, many buyers are looking for products that will exemplify their unique taste and allow them to stand out from the crowd. Businesses should consider how their designs satisfy this desire.