The 'Wallybroom' Broom and Dustpans Work on Dry or Wet Messes

 - May 18, 2017
References: amazon & droold
Ideal for dry or wet messes, the 'Wallybroom' broom and dustpans are an exceptional set of equipment to keep in the kitchen for times when messes get created on the floor. Featuring a broom on one side and a squeegee on the other, the 'Wallybroom' enables users to sweep the mess into the accompanying dustpan in a matter of moments. This makes it ideal for sweeping up crumbs, but also for yogurts, spilt cereal, dropped eggs and several other messes that simply aren't able to be cleaned up with traditional brooms and dustpans.

The 'Wallybroom' set is capable of being cleaned with water after you've scooped up the mess and keeps the handle magnetically attached to the dustpan to ensure they're always kept together.