Britney's Publicists Hide VMA Disaster

 - Sep 12, 2007
References: knowmoremedia
From a pop culture perspective, one of the most viral conversations on the net appears to be the recent performance of Britney Spears at the MTV VMA awards.... And we are getting numerous reports of her publicists aggressively pushing the media to hide the disaster.

One media producer tipped Trend Hunter, "Britney Spears' PR people have ordered everything on her catastropic performance in vegas be taken off the net, and on all broadcasts. Apparently all networks will get sued if they re-air it. It's being abolished from existence. Ahhh money is a powerful drug. It screwed up one of our shows because we had to pull it."

Why? In what appeared to have been a lack of enthusiasm, Britney 'walked' through her dance moves and did poor job lip-synching to her new single, Gimme More. The video is near-impossible to find online, but no matter how good a PR crew is at damage control, dedicated bloggers always find a way.

Nearly 80% of MTV viewers reported the Britney Spears "Blowup" as the most memorable part of the show. The less than enthusiastic performance is interesting because MTV highly leveraged her attendance in their promotions of the VMA.

Britney Spears' publicity team has kicked it into over-drive after her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. They have been pulling videos all over the net and threatening sites that post defaming messages...

The video shows the shocked faces of other celebrities in the audience including 50 Cent and P. Diddy, whose jaws hung open as they watched her less than enthusiastic performance.