The Brie Chairs Have Been Prepared From Unrecyclable Paper

 - Dec 13, 2013
Some recycling efforts are unfortunately in vain, for certain materials have a limited lifespan, no matter how salvageable they seem. The Brie Chairs were dreamed up out of this realization as an intriguing experiment that explores the practicality of several times reused substances.

Agnieszka Mazur describes her furnishings as the product of waste material. Discarded components make up the stuffing and the skin of the oddly shaped stools. The finished objects make up a collection of irregular forms that are vaguely wedged and coated in this thick and creased layer of white. It makes them resemble enormous slices of the scrumptious soft cheese. The Brie Chairs would be customizable to the consumer's preferences, and capable of enhancement with scribbled illustrations.