Postoperative by Brian Dettmer

 - Dec 23, 2007   Updated: May 24 2011
References: centripetalnotion & inventorspot
Postoperative is the latest exposition of up and coming artist named Brian Dettmer.

Dettmer slices and dices old books, then turns them into new art forms. He is inspired by the original use of the book; history books reveal history, biographies reveal human forms, science books become a dissection and archaeology is excavation.

This is an inspiring new medium unveiled by a young artist.

Implications - Dettmer was born in Chicago, USA, but now resides in Atlanta, USA, where he creates his masterpieces. To create his works, he uses knives and surgical tools so that he can make fine lines and extreme detail. The featured images show books transformed into human sculptures and pop-up animals.