This App Uses Graphs & Data Analysis to Track & Monitor Breastfeeding

 - May 12, 2015
This breastfeeding app makes it incredibly easy for moms to stay on top of breastfeeding times and better understand their babies' habits and needs in order to optimize feeding, resting and other activities. This app allows you to track and analyze breastfeeding times, sleep sessions, instances of crying and your baby's weight and height.

The app allows you to use graphs to display daily breastfeeding sessions and meals, and can also display typical breastfeeding times. This allows you to figure out when your baby typically gets hungry, and lets you identify useful patterns in feeding schedules and other facets of your baby's behavior.

This breastfeeding app is a godsend for nursing moms, particularly those dealing with their first child, as it takes the guesswork and unpredictability out of things and helps both baby and mother be as healthy and comfortable as possible.