The Innovative SoftVue System Improves Breast Cancer Detection

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: delphinusmt & gizmodo
Delphinus Medical Technologies’ SoftVue is a breast cancer detection machine that uses sound waves instead of ionizing radiation. As well as being less invasive and harmful than the use of radiation in traditional mammogram machines, SoftVue is an alternative that is also more comfortable for patients.

Instead of a traditional mammogram that involves the compression of a patient’s breasts, the SoftVue has patients lie face down on the surface of its table, which sits atop a tank of warm water. For the exam, a breast is suspended in the water through a transducer sensor ring. Within one to two minutes, images of breast are created with an ultrasound system.

The SoftVue system is designed to be extremely user-friendly for technicians of all levels and has been FDA-approved for diagnostic imaging.