Branden Haley by Christos Karantzolas Sports Urban Briefs

Not too many people would feel completely confident leaving their NYC apartments wearing so little clothing, but few photograph like Branden Haley by Christos Karantzolas. The Major Management model makes a sexy statement in this seductive editorial by revealing his ever-fashionable washboard abs to the outside world.

Unfortunately, the male model is only dressed down to his underwear in a single picture, but exposes his buff bare chest atop dapper slacks and beneath a debonaire black jacket. His only other adornment is a collection of arm and abdominal tattoos that suggest the strong movement in his body as he struts along cobblestone streets. Branden Haley by Christos Karantzolas captures a man completely alone amidst an apparent ghost town. He really could quite happily walk around with no clothes.