Brainstorm Deck is a More Efficient Way to Generate Ideas in Groups

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
The 'Brainstorm Deck' is a novel method for generating ideas that take a 'Cards Against Humanity' approach to the traditional brainstorming system.

The problem with brainstorming is that its principle of being an open space for ideas is typically subverted by the fact that the loudest and most confident pitcher usually wins (as opposed to the best idea). The Brainstorm Deck makes pitching ideas anonymous, giving consumers a better chance at arriving at the best idea, rather than the most boisterous one.

The game involves a series of blank cards that get dealt out to each of the ideating players. Players use an erasable marker to jot down a description of their idea and a drawing (if applicable.) Then these cards get judged by the group, Cards Against Humanity-style, with a final vote at the end to decide the winning idea.