These Brad Lou Tennant Portraits Portray Dramatic Raw Emotion

There's something extraordinary about the portrait photography of Brad Lou Tennant. While the settings and subjects are simplistic, the understated elegance in his photos frames an intimate connection between the viewer and the subject.

The raw emotion housed in the eyes of his many muses is contrasted against lighting perfectly fit for the mood of the photo. There's a certain heaviness about the Australia native's portraits conveyed through the dark contrasts and and sullen expressions he captures, which makes the photos all the more dramatic and thought-provoking.

Implications - For consumers, the portrayal of emotion lies at the core of artistic expression in any form, whether it be painting, photography, illustration or even film and music. Art that digs deep into emotions that are familiar to the every person, but difficult to express, serve as an outlet for viewers who can make sense of the world through these various art forms.