The Ten Count Boxing Heavy Bag Records Punching Stats

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: indiegogo & gizmag
Identifying a lack of innovation in boxing products, Michael Williamson is developing a boxing heavy bag that counts your punches per second and records their power.

The Ten Count boxing heavy bag contains modified accelerometers and a microprocessor. The information gathered by these devices is sent to the assigned and synced computer or smartphone. From there, boxers and coaches can view and analyze the performance statistics displayed on screen.

For speed, boxers can analyze their punches per second over a specific training period and work to increase their punching frequency. For power, the impact of each punch can be viewed and monitored according to the section of the workout they are in. Lastly, by monitoring punching power and frequency together over a period of time, coaches and boxers can measure endurance.

Currently looking for product development donations on, the Ten Count boxing heavy bag has a goal of $125,000.