The Bouzay App Helps People in the Seychelles Islands to Find a Ride

Taxi apps have well and truly been on a skyward path across big countries across the world but especially in North America, Europe and Asia; however a new app called Bouzay is bidding to show that there's also a market to be taken advantage of in smaller and more isolated areas.

Bouzay is a taxi app that is dedicated to helping people in Seychelles get around. Owned by a company called Buzz Seychelles Limited, the Bouzay app is similar to Uber, although a key difference is that it will only be made available to licensed taxi operators, who will be able to take part in a two month-long trial to see if they want to keep using Bouzay.

This targeted taxi app looks to be a great transportation options for tourists in particular, given the challenges of getting around in an archipelago nation.