Prague's Botas 66 Store Features a Mix of Vintage and Modern Details

 - Dec 2, 2014
References: botas66 & coolhunting
Located in the heart of Prague, the Botas 66 store revives the iconic footwear brand. The heritage sneaker company was recently brought back into the spotlight after graphic design student turned designer Jan Kloss Jakub Korous set out to revive its iconic status.
Botana was first named Botana 1948 and rose to fame after its 1966 models became widely used among Czech athletes and sport enthusiasts.

The heritage brand’s iconic sneakers inspired Jan Kloss Jakub Korous to revive it as a household name. Prague’s Botas 66 store marries contemporary design details with the company’s signature branding that appears more retro in its visual aesthetic.

The shop’s continuous color scheme is reflective of Botas branding and features a mix of white and neon yellow accents.