The 'GoldEye Bar' Boost Charger is an Eco Way to Charge Almost Anything

 - May 27, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The market for sustainable products and energy is growing with the 'GoldEye Bar' boost charger being one of the latest to be announced.

Developed by Ahmad Jawarneh and Melanie Kalinian, the 'GoldEye Bar' provides emergency power support when there is no electricity in sight.

The 'GoldEye Bar' features a built-in solar panel that will suck up the power of the sun whenever it's given the chance. The powerful nature of the boost charger makes it great for smartphones and laptops, but it's also strong enough to help jumpstart a car, which is more than other devices can claim.

The 'GoldEye Bar' charger is currently being funded as part of a Kickstarter campaign where early adopters can take advantage of early bird price points.