vibrantBrains is a Fitness Club Dedicated to Boomer Brain Health

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: vibrantbrains
vibrantBrains is an innovative fitness club located in San Francisco that is focused on improving and maintaining baby boomer brain health. Modeled like a regular fitness club, vibrantBrains offers a variety of programs that seek to improve and build up healthy brain functions in the aging population.

As the baby boomer demographic ages, there are endless concerns regarding health and well-being, as well as cognitively. Investing in the maintenance of high functioning boomer brain health is important because while many focus on potential physical ailments, it is the mental ailments that will need to be in check in order for the physical challenges to be overcome.

vibrantBrains is likely the first of many brain fitness clubs for an aging population concerned with maintaining the ability to provide and care for themselves.