Bookmark by Paul Cocksedge Keeps Novels' Spines Split and Sways

 - Dec 30, 2013
References: paulcocksedgeshop
A post-it note, a business card or a receipt might do, but you can a more definitive job of marking your place with Bookmark by Paul Cocksedge. There's no losing this marker, or misplacing your current read, for this product has a discernible presence, measuring 24.5 centimeters by 22 centimeters by 10cm.

Wooden blocks are cut into wedges with rounded short sides and their acute edges pointed upwards. This design and orientation make it easy to simply spread the pages of your book over it so that the covers and printed sheets hang down on either side. After you first set your novel over Bookmark by Paul Cocksedge, the delightful PVC-coated stand will rock gently to and fro.