These BOO-COUP-FISH are a Far Cry From the Water

 - Sep 7, 2012
Street Artist Scott Williams writes that the phrase "like a fish out of water" is the inspiration for his metropolitan venture of fish art. BOO-COUP-FISH are an intricate investigation into the life of the city dweller, the experience of the street, displacement and the art that may be inspired by it.

Williams breaks down the title of his fish art into three different sections, "BOO-an action or exclamation which gives fright. COUP-an act of revolt against the norm. FISH-slang for someone who is new in prison." Each fish design is a fusion of social rebellion, recycled material and the effect of urban inhabitance. Meant to portray a feeling of being lost or distant from what has been familiar, Williams' fish take on a profound statement; they speak to the masses who find themselves caught-up in the constant flux of society.

Williams' latest BOO-COUP-FISH features the childlike saying "styx n stones" and has a downcast human eye filled with emotional distress. The designs cascading down the body of the fish resemble the city streets, leading off in all twists and turns. The purpose of the fish is to leave them in unassuming urban landscapes.