The Bon.Se Tailings Photoshoot Shows Mannequins and Busts

 - May 29, 2015
References: & visualoptimism.blogspot
The Bon.Se Tailings photoshoot provides a seldom seen behind the scenes look at fashion design. Photographer Johnny Kangasniem captured the chaotic seen here that featured busts and mannequins alongside chic apparel.

Stylist Martine Almquist matched the deconstructed nature of this Bon.Se production with loose fitting black and white textiles. These materials looked as if in the middle of a creative phase, much like the surrounding environment.

Hair and make up artist Jeanette Tornqvist added her own brand of modernity to the Tailings set with stripes of angular face paint. These lines made it appear as if the body is a site for fashion production, merging the female figure all the more with contemporary design. These unusual elements will likely stay in the minds of Bon.Se readers.