Bonfadini’s Tree Photography was Shot in -40 Celcius

 - Jan 27, 2014
References: amusingplanet & mymodernmet
Italy-based photographer Niccoló Bonfadini living in Monza in northern Italy has always been inspired by his surroundings and with nature; and in his latest series of photography, he uses the subdegree temperatures of this winter to capture a visually stunning collection of photographed trees that are completely covered in snow and ice. The result of his photographs are structures that look like stills of bubbles of underground springs that have been frozen with frost and covered in snow. Each bubble-like tree is frosted with an icy armor set against a backdrop of more snow and ice.

These frozen trees were found through Bonfadini’s travels to the Finnish Lapland. The temperatures range from -40 Celsius to -15 Celsius. To achieve these subliminally surreal photographs, Bonfadini camped out in the frozen landscape and shot these photos in the early morning hours before the sunrise.